Dentures & Dental Implants in Fredericksburg: Giving Smiles a Second Chance

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An estimate from epidemiological studies states that millions of Americans experience tooth loss and that about 40 million people already lost all of their teeth. Despite the advancements in dental care, tooth loss is still quite common especially as its risks increase with old age. Dentistry continues to evolve, so as the treatments and procedures it offers. Dentures may have been the go-to treatment of those who experience tooth loss, and now they also have another option in the form of dental implants.

We at Heresi Dental Care, offer both of these services for our patients to get a second chance on their smiles. Depending on their needs, we may recommend full or partial dentures. These can be either removable or fixed depending on their preferences. As with dental implants, we can use dental crowns and bridges depending on the number of missing teeth that needs replacement. For those who want a full set of dentures supported by implants, All-on-4 implants may be the ideal solution.


A happy patient with dental implants



These are dental prostheses made to resemble the gums and the teeth to restore its overall appearance. The materials used for the artificial teeth were once plastic or porcelain, but newer versions utilize hard resin. For the gum base, it can be made from the same resin or a flexible polymer for better fitting.


Dental Implants

These are screw-like devices made of titanium that would serve as the missing roots in the mouth; it can be placed on the jaw bone by performing surgery. Once the implant is positioned correctly, osseointegration – the growth of the bone and its attachment to the post – would occur. To complete the restoration dental crowns, bridges, or dentures will be attached to the implant depending on the number of missing teeth.

Both procedures offer patients a second chance for their smiles. To know which one is best fitted for your needs, visit Heresi Dental Care to discuss both the options. Rest assured that our dentist would provide only the best solution for optimal results.


Aiming to restore your teeth as natural as it was before? Contact us to know more about Dentures & Dental Implants in Fredericksburg, or to schedule your appointment with Heresi Dental Care.