Things to Add in Your Priority List This New Year for a Healthy Smile! – Fredericksburg, VA

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If you are not the type of person who collects a lot of stationeries, planner notebooks, memo pads when a new year comes; and creates a long, long list of resolutions; it doesn’t matter. All people, even those that are not fond of writing tons of new year pledges, have something that they would like to improve in certain areas of their lives. If your goal is to enhance your smile this 2019, then we suggest focusing on your dental health! How? Here are the tips:


Dental Checkup


Tip #1 – Book an appointment with us at Heresi Dental Care!

Here at Heresi Dental Care, we prioritize your oral health. Our practice is passionate about giving our patients the right dental care that they deserve. If you invest in our general, cosmetic, or restorative dentistry services, you can expect nothing but an impressive result. Scheduling regular cleanings and checkups with us is one way of waving goodbye to plaques, tartar, and oral diseases this new year!

Tip #2 – Hydrate more

Drinking sufficient amount of water daily can do multitudinous benefit in your overall health. Sadly, not everyone is a fan of this healthy beverage. Instead of quenching glass of water, others end up switching to sodas, juices, and coffee. In return, they are more likely to suffer from cavities. The good thing about drinking plain water is that it washes off the sticky substances in the mouth, clearing them out to keep tooth decay at bay.

Tip #3 – Upgrade your oral care regimen

Brushing your teeth in the morning and at night is a standard, but it’s the new year! You don’t want to settle for mediocrity when it comes to your oral health, do you? As much as possible, brush your teeth after each meal and take time to floss afterward. Brushing and flossing should be done on a daily basis to ensure that your teeth are free from plaques. Since it’s 2019, you might want to go the extra mile and invest in an electric-powered toothbrush – you go, girl!

Tip #4 – Restore your smile

Enjoy the new year with a complete set of pearly whites! If you have missing teeth, consider replacing it with dentures and dental implants with us at Heresi Dental Care. Tooth loss should not be neglected as it can promote bone loss in the jaw and can alter the symmetry of your face.

Welcome the next 365 days of your life with a smile! Start by visiting us at Heresi Dental Care for dental checkups and teeth cleanings to freshen up your breath and your pearly whites.


You deserve outstanding dental care services. We provide Complete Dental Checkups in Fredericksburg, VA. Book your appointment with us at Heresi Dental Care and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth!