Hear How Katy Perry Roar Her Obsession With Oral Hygiene in Fredericksburg, VA

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You’ll definitely hear her “roar” about her oral hygiene obsession. Katy Perry, an American singer-songwriter, and famous TV personality is known for her unusual fashion statement and music videos. But wait, Katy Perry’s fanciness had gone so wild that even her teeth became a part of her mind-blowing fashion. She posted a picture of her teeth with gold jewelry on her Instagram account. In the picture, Katy Perry showed how Cosmetic Dentistry had changed her smile and made the appearance of her teeth even better. No, “better” is an understatement because Katy Perry’s pearl-white teeth is a goddess.

We at Heresi Dental Care provides patients with Cosmetic Dentistry procedure to help them achieve the smile that they always wanted. The treatment includes Teeth Whitening and Veneers, the two most commonly used methods that enhance the appearance of the teeth and smile.

Katy Perry is not just your typical “California Girl.” Did you even know that she brushes her teeth not just once or twice or thrice but six times per day? A close source to Katy Perry once said in an interview that they wouldn’t go anywhere without a stack of toothbrushes. Afraid that her cavities, when she was 13 years old, would come back, Katy Perry decided to brush her teeth six times a day. She also confessed that she brushes her teeth all the time because she wanted to have teeth as white as Britney Spears’ teeth! Katy Perry admitted that she likes fresh breath and halitosis turns her off so much. Having 13 cavities when she was a kid made her visit her dentist, and according to her, after she finally went, she might as well get a new set of teeth. And guess what? Her cosmetic dentist owned a spot in the Guinness Book Of World Records because of installing a “million dollar smile” by putting a million dollar gems in Katy Perry’s mouth. Aside from all these extravagant mouth appliances that Katy Perry had, she also undergoes other cosmetic dentistry treatment such as veneers. During the 2015 Super Bowl, she flaunted her always remarkable costume and versatile vocals, and her veneers make it a total package.


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