Invisalign 101: Benefits People Can Take Advantage Of

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Thanks to the advancements in dental care services, a particular patient can avail of treatments that are sure to meet their needs and preferences. For instance, orthodontic treatments. Although metal braces were very effective in helping patients get straighter and healthier teeth, not everyone found the method it used as favorable.

Fortunately, with the dawn of clear aligners, many people changed their view about orthodontic treatments. They no longer think of it as bothersome and unsightly; instead, they are more confident in giving the said approach a go. Been thinking of availing of clear aligners? Let us at Heresi Dental Care give you more reasons to consider our Invisalign treatment!



One of the issues with metal braces is that the components used can often get in the way of some things patients perform. Like when eating, there are some foods that they should avoid as much as possible. When cleaning, toothbrush bristles and dental floss cannot properly access the teeth. With Invisalign, everything is different and much easier. Cleaning and eating are no longer issues since the orthodontic appliance can be easily removed. Patients can resume their usual oral hygiene routine and enjoy the foods they love.


Although not entirely transparent, thanks to the material used and practice of good hygiene, the Invisalign trays can stay virtually invisible. Due to this property, people who are most self-conscious like adults and teenagers can enjoy the said procedure.

Fewer visits

Metal braces wearers are advised to see the dentist every month for adjustments. Aside from being bothersome, this can also be costly. But with Invisalign, appointments at the dentist are scheduled less often. So patients who are either too busy at work or school don’t need to ask frequent time-offs.

Continuously improved

Invisalign, when it was initially introduced, cannot provide the same results as metal braces. But thankfully, as the years went by, the orthodontic treatment got better and better. It can now correct numerous teeth imperfections and even caters to the needs of patients the same way as the traditional approach.

Did the list of benefits provided above make you feel more confident about the treatment and amazing outcome Invisalign in Fredericksburg, VA offers? Let us at Heresi Dental Care help you get your dream smile!