Know More About Root Canals Through These Myths and Facts

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Root canal treatment is one of the most common procedures performed by dentists. However, not everyone is comfortable at the thought of undergoing the procedure, mainly because what they know about it is inadequate. As a result, most people think of it as a frightening and painful process—causing them to avoid it altogether.

What everyone should know is, it is a beneficial procedure that can help a person preserve their oral health. Since ignoring this particular procedure can lead to serious consequences, patients should understand more about it. That said, we at Heresi Dental Care prepared a list of the most common myths and facts about root canal treatment. Read on!

root canal therapy


Fact: Root canals are vital

Contrary to what other people believe, root canal treatments are necessary. The procedure helps alleviate excruciating pain and prevents the surrounding teeth from being infected as well.

Myth: It is better to have an infected tooth extracted

Dentists may recommend just any procedures; however, tooth extraction is not one. Having the tooth removed is the most extreme way to solve a dental issue, and it should only be performed if there are no other options left. Root canal treatment is a safe procedure that allows patients to save their teeth.

Fact: The treated tooth stays alive

Although the root of the tooth is cleared away and filled during a root canal, it doesn’t mean that the patient won’t feel anything. They will still have a fully functional and sensitive tooth.

Myth: There is pain involved during the treatment

Most people think that there is extreme pain involved during a root canal treatment. But the truth is, the procedure intends to correct pain, not cause it to worsen. During the process, the patient may feel sensitivity, but this wears away as the root of the tooth is cleaned out.

Fact: Considering a crown is helpful

Dental crowns are usually performed on a tooth with a serious cavity. In the case of a root canal treatment, the prosthesis can help strengthen the treated structure and to prevent future issues.

Myth: Multiple appointments are necessary

Dentists may ask a patient to schedule at least two visits to complete a root canal; however, in most cases, one appointment is enough.

Fact: Root canal is an effective solution

When appropriately done, root canal treatments are always effective. Patients won’t experience the same issues they have before undergoing the procedure. In fact, they will feel that the treated tooth is as good as new.


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