Know More About Six Month Smiles in Fredericksburg, VA

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For many years now, people who have always been bothered by their misaligned or overcrowded teeth had their issues fixed with the traditional orthodontic approach. Although it did provide amazing results, there are other factors which made it a less favorable solution. Aside from its bulky looking metal components, the duration of its wear became a major turnoff for many. Imagine spending years wearing uncomfortable brackets and wires that are adjusted monthly. Fortunately, better options emerged. Traditional braces are far better than ever, but then clear aligners and new types of braces appeared. At Heresi Dental Care, aside from Invisalign and ClearCorrect aligners, we also have Six Month Smiles!

The name alone can give patients the idea of a straighter smile in just six months! It may sound too good to be true but do know that this is possible. This orthodontic approach has the same concept as metal braces, but different materials are used. Instead of unsightly metal, tooth-colored and clear components are utilized to provide better aesthetics.

Straight Teeth

All about Six Month Smiles

The secret to how faster results are possible with the said orthodontic method is that it focuses on the teeth that show the most when smiling. It is ideal for people who are aiming to improve the aesthetics of their smile instead of correcting complicated issues.

Inconspicuous approach

Patients who are conscious about their looks can rest easy since they are assured that the image Six Month Smiles gives off is pleasant to look at. Materials used are less noticeable, so there is no need for them to feel self-conscious in showing off their improving smiles.


Considering that patients no longer have to spend a year wearing the appliance and that lesser dental appointments are expected, the cost would be less in the long run.


Since Six Month Smiles is a product of dental advances, do know that it utilizes digital technology. If partnered with the expertise of a dental professional, it can surely provide amazing results.


Well, as already mentioned, only the front teeth are moved with Six Month Smiles so assume it to be more comfortable. Also, the braces used for this orthodontic treatment have lesser force compared to the conventional type so expect it to be pleasant.

The road to straighter and healthier teeth begins with an initial consultation. If you’re looking for a faster orthodontic approach using Six Month Smiles in Fredericksburg, VA, contact us at Heresi Dental Care and schedule an appointment!