Overcoming Dental Anxiety

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The dentist’s office scares people. This behavior is not only observed in children but also adults. Most dental procedures do not bring pain. However, some people are stressed at the thought of dental checkups and undergoing procedures.

The term used to describe this condition is dental anxiety. This term describes the fear and stress felt by patients in the dental setting. Having this condition makes the patient delay the procedure or entirely avoid getting treated. Dental anxiety can progress and turn into a phobia when not adequately addressed. Having a dental phobia makes the patient fear anything related to dentistry and avoid it as much as they can. 

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The difference between dental phobia and anxiety

People might interchange the terms “phobia” and “anxiety,” but these terms are not interchangeable. Their meanings are entirely different because a phobia is intense, unreasonable fear. People with dental phobia are willing to run away from routine care. They also put up with unsightly damaged teeth and even the horrible pains of gum disease. All of these just to avoid the dentist’s office. 

Dental anxiety, on the other hand, is less severe. It might be triggered by needles, drills, or anything found in the dental setting. There is a sense of uneasiness within the patient, but most of them still go through the procedure. Patients with dental anxiety might have their fair share of worries, but they are not as panic-stricken or entirely terrified as those with dental phobia.

Signs of dental anxiety 

Inside the dentist’s office, the patient might sweat excessively. Their heart will palpitate, and their blood pressure may decrease. Distress may be visibly seen. Some patient might even cry. This may lead to fainting. To cope with their fears, patients might make jokes or find other tactics to mask their anxiety. 

Managing dental anxiety and how to cope with it 

  • The first thing to do when feeling anxious in the dentist’s office is to speak up. Be transparent with the dentist and the staff. Here at Heresi Dental Care, no matter how small the concern may be, our patient’s wellness is our goal. We will do our best to address the concerns and make the procedure as comfortable as possible.
  • Distracting one’s self is one way to relieve anxiety. Finding something to keep the mind occupied may be useful in stressful situations. Listening to music, squeezing stress balls, or visualizing a peaceful place can help. 
  • Using mindfulness techniques is a good way of relieving anxiety. Keeping track of one’s breathing and body draw out a sense of calm. 

Visiting the dentist’s office should not stress anyone out. At Heresi Dental Care, you can experience Anxiety-Free Dentistry in Fredericksburg, VA. Relieve your worries with our state-of-the-art in-office amenities. We are located at 2501 Fall Hill Ave., Suite A, Fredericksburg, VA 22401.