Teeth Whitening Myths that Everyone Should Stop Believing in Fredericksburg, VA

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For some, teeth whitening is the best resort when it comes to getting rid of discolorations and stains on the teeth. While the demand for teeth whitening treatment is rapidly increasing, different teeth whitening issues that are myths arises here and there.  

Teeth whitening is an effective and fast way of fixing yellow teeth. At Heresi Dental Care, we offer the best Teeth Whitening procedure for our patients. The two of the most reliable teeth whitening brands that we used are the famous Zoom! and Opalescence. Zoom! teeth whitening uses a bleaching method to lighten the tooth enamel and dentin for pearly-white teeth. In our office, Zoom! teeth whitening procedure includes the use of a chairside lamp to accelerate the bleaching process. The procedure usually takes less than an hour. After a short time, a new white smile is revealed! Opalescence teeth whitening treatment, on the other hand, is a set of whitening gels that can either be taken home or done at the office. It is chemically activated and uses no lamp or light. Whichever our patients will choose, a bright, radiant smile is guaranteed as a result.


Teeth Whitening


Teeth whitening had come a long way that there are, in fact, some pseudo-facts that are being incorporated into it. To debunk these, here are teeth whitening myths that everyone should stop believing:

Teeth whitening is harmful to the teeth. Teeth whitening can damage the enamel of the tooth. This is true for DIY teeth whitening treatment, however, for a professionally done teeth whitening procedure by the dentist, it is safe.

Teeth whitening is also for kids. Unfortunately, teeth whitening is not for all, especially for kids, pregnant women, or lactating mothers. It is possible for kids to whiten their teeth at the dentist unless all the baby teeth are lost. Let the dentist check first the child’s teeth condition if it qualifies for a teeth whitening procedure.

Teeth whitening is forever. White teeth after the treatment would not be permanent if one fails to practice healthy dental habits. Smoking, eating foods that stains and poor oral hygiene can contribute to teeth discolorations. Topping up the teeth whitening treatment every few months is vital to maintaining a white smile.

Teeth whitening can make the teeth look fake. Of course, extremely white teeth might look unnatural, but during an in-office or take-home teeth whitening procedure, the level of whitening the teeth can be controlled depending on the patient’s preference.

Teeth whitening procedure is painful. Teeth whitening process is not at all painful. Modern technology makes it more comfortable and convenient for patients to whiten their teeth painlessly.

Teeth whitening can only be experienced the most if the dentist does it. Over-the-counter teeth whitening products cannot ensure effective and safe treatment. Avoid risking the overall dental health by opting at these.


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