Root Canal Treatment in
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The innermost portion of our teeth is very different from the hard, sturdy outer part. It is called the dental pulp, and it houses nerves and blood vessels that supply nutrition to the tooth during its development. Sometimes, a fracture, infection, crack or deep decay in the tooth can reach the pulp and cause problems. This further leads to decay and nerve death in the pulp and is known as a root canal infection. Endodontic treatment, or root canal therapy, can be used to save the tooth from extraction.

Root Canal Treatment

A tooth with a root canal infection can be painful and sensitive, and signs of inflammation may appear in the gum near the tooth. Sometimes, an abscess (a pimple-like formation), may appear in the gum. In some cases, the tooth may also darken in color. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important to consult our office right away.

People generally perceive root canal treatment to be a very painful and difficult procedure, but in fact, it is the pain of the infection that is much worse than the pain of treatment itself. At Heresi Dental Care, we make sure that the procedure is as comfortable as possible for our patients. You’ll even be able to enjoy watching NetFlix on a flat-screen TV during the procedure!

A root canal treatment involves removing the dead and diseased pulp tissue from the tooth. This is done under the effect of a local anesthetic. A small hole is made in the tooth to access the pulp chamber, and the decayed nerves are removed using special dental instruments. The tooth is then disinfected and sealed with an inert dental filling. In most cases, we will place a crown on the tooth for added protection.

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Bell B.

I love the staff, they all made me feel as comfortable as possible.Both Dentists are very compassionate😊
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Eddie M.

Excellent service. I went in for cleaning and a new crown and the office was quick, professional and very friendly staff.
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Amy P.

Very happy with my visit. The staff is so kind and caring. Dr Heresi is awesome! He is very gentle during procedures and goes out of his way to be sure you are comfortable. Great, great team!
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